Azerbaijan - Azärbaycan

Azerbaijan (Iranian) (1945-46)

A province in northwestern Iran. Occupied by Soviet forces during World War II, a puppet government was established in May 1945, at which time contemporary Iranian stamps were overprinted for use. 


In March 1946, Soviet troops withdrew, and Azerbaijan became an "autonomous" government. In December 1946, full Iranian administration was restored.

Azerbaijan (Russian) (1919-24, 1992-)

The eastern portion of the Caucasus. Occupied by Russia in the 19th century, Azerbaijan declared its independence in 1917, after the Russian Revolution. Turkish and British occupation was followed by the establishment of a communist regime in 1920. Azerbaijan was incorporated into the Transcaucasian Federated Republic in 1923. Soviet stamps were used from 1924-91. 

With the breakup of the Soviet Union, Azerbaijan again became independent and resumed issuing its own stamps. An ongoing war with neighboring Armenia has drained the country, but its large oil reserves promise eventual economic development and prosperity. These reserves, and its strategic location in the region make Azerbaijan the object of international attention, as it is courted by Turkish, Iranian and Western interests.

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