Volksrepublik Bangladesch   
Bangladesh - Bangla Desh - Gan Prajātantrī Bānglādesh

A republic in the Bengal region of south Asia. In the partition of British India in 1947, Moslem Bangladesh comprised East Pakistan. Years of resentment with the domination of the country by West Pakistan finally erupted in a bitter civil war in March 1971. Indian intervention in December 1971, after the deaths of an estimated 1 million Bengalis, resulted in a quick Pakistani defeat, and Bangladesh became an independent republic. 

Since independence, Bangladesh has suffered continuing economic problems and political instability. In foreign affairs, it is closely linked to India. Before the issue of Bangladesh's first definitive set (and for some time thereafter), existing stocks of Pakistani stamps were overprinted locally, creating thousands of varieties that are not listed in the major stamp catalogs.

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