Deutsches Reich - Privatpost Bockenheim 
Germany - 19th Century Private Posts

During the last years of the last Century there existed many private post agencies in Germany, like it was in many other countries. At this time in Germany it was allowed to run a private post within towns and places, but not from one town to another. This was an estate monopol.

So the German private posts are often called local posts by the collectors. The private post agencies were closed on march 31th 1900 by law and not one were in auction after this date. Some of them closed earlier because lack of success. In general it could be said the private posts were rather populär at the public because of cheaper prices and faster service.

There were about 350 private posts agencies in Germany, but only 4 of them issued stamps which have the topic "bee hive" is of interest for us. There are also many many postcards, letter cards and covers with printed stamps on (postal stationnary).

In Bockenheim was the office "PRIVAT-BRIEFVERKEHR" was in action from november 1st 1890 until march 31th 1900. In this time there were in Bockenheim about 19.000 inhabitants lifing (in 1895). Bockenheim is now a part of the town of Frankfurt/Main. "Privat-Briefverkehr"isued stamps show a beehive with bees in center.

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