Evenki - Tungusen
Tungus - Tunguz - Эвэнкил - Evenkil

The Evenks or Evenki (obsolete: Tungus or Tunguz, autonym: Эвэнкил, Evenkil) are a Tungusic people of Northern Asia. In Russia, the Evenks (Russian: Эвенки, Evenki; pop. 35,527, 2002 Census), are recognized as one of the Indigenous peoples of the Russian North. 

In China, the Evenki (Simplified Chinese:鄂温克族; Pinyin: Èwēnkè Zú; pop. 30,505, as per 2000 Census) form one of the 56 ethnic groups officially recognized by the People's Republic of China.

Attention; This website includes images of unofficial/illegal issues which have no official status and as such are not recognised by the U.P.U. They are known collectively as "Cinderellas". They are not listed in the stamp catalogues, and you are strongly advised not to purchase such issues.

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