Unitate teritorială autonomă Găgăuzia 
Gagauzia - Гагаузия - UTA Găgăuzia
Gagauz-Yeri - Gagaoğuzya - Gagauziya - Gagauzistan

Gagauzia formally known as the Autonomous Territorial Unit of Găgăuzia (Gagauz Yeri) (Moldovan/Romanian: Unitatea Teritorială Autonomă Găgăuzia), is an autonomous region of Moldova. Its name derives from the word "Gagauz", which in turn derived from the name Gok-oguz used to describe descendants of the Turkic Oghuz tribe. 

Crimean Tatars and Uyghurs used gok to mean "sky" or "sky blue", so Gok-oguz literally meant "sky-blue Oghuz".

Attention; This website includes images of unofficial/illegal issues which have no official status and as such are not recognised by the U.P.U. They are known collectively as "Cinderellas". They are not listed in the stamp catalogues, and you are strongly advised not to purchase such issues.

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