Beekeeping in Cyprus

Although apiculture was known in Cyprus since ancient times, as Virgil says "The Gods of antiquity were fed with the honey of the wonderful bees of the Cypriot Olympus" it remained stagnant for many centuries. However, in recent years apiculture greatly developed in the island technologically and exploitation wise.

In Cyprus we have an excellent kind of bee called the "Cyprian bee" especially characterized for its great production of honey, its activity and ability to resist dry and hot weather conditions.

Cyprus honey is chiefly nectar honey originating from thyme, French lavender, citrus trees, eucalyptus trees, wild germander, heliotropium, tare, sumach and other plants.
Apiculture is carried out on a nomadic basis aiming at the full exploitation of all flowering periods in Cyprus.

The Department of Postal Services which symbolically wants to depict apiculture in Cyprus presents four stamps.

cyprus5.jpg (17469 Byte)
Female bee-workers looking after the newly born little lavrae
cyprus6.jpg (13600 Byte)
Female bee-worker in her effort to collect pollen from a rock-rose flower
cyprus7.jpg (14135 Byte)
Female worker bee in her effort to collect nectar from the lemon flower
cyprus8.jpg (17523 Byte)
Queen surrounded by the bee-maids

Source: Department of Postal Services, Republic of Cyprus


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