Commemoratives Napoleon
with bees

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Rochechouart 27.03.1976

Exhibition dedicated to Napoleon.

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Paris 02.-03.12.1977

Napoleon I. and his importance for business and industry.

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Boulogne sur Mer, 01.08.1992

Here Napoleon I. pitched his camp in preparation of the invasion of England.

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Genappe 03.05.1962

In Genappe (Belgium) Napoleon I. spent the night before the Battle of Waterloo.

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Dijon 18.05.1968

La Cote d'Or is a district in Burgundy (France). Here Napoleon III rediscovered the French pre-roman roots. The statue of the Gaul Vercingetorix was erected here by Napoleon III. Dijon is situated in the district Cote d'Or.

by Jan de Crom  
taken from "The Postal Bee" 4/2009 
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