South Africa: Honey tales (2)

After a long search Joop Kamps, Netherlands, has found the story behind the South African stamp 2005 (B5).

The Honeyguide 's revenge

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One day a honeyguide found an old beehive that was dripping with honey. He could not reach the honey alone, and searched the bush for someone that he could lead to the spot to help him. Soon Honeyguide led First Man to the beehive. 

First Man quickly smoked the bees out, scraped the hive clean and took some honey home. He left nothing for the Honeyguide. Honeyguide searched for a way to take revenge, and eventually found a mother leopard with her two cubs. 

Honeyguide quickly flew to find First Man and called him to follow. First Man gladly followed. Honeyguide led First Man in Leopard's lair. When First Man stepped into the fallen trunk to reach the honey, Leopard sprang out. 

There was no way in which First Man could fight Leopard without any weapons. First Man's end was swift and terrible. And so Honeyguide had his revenge.

by Jan de Crom  
taken from "The Postal Bee" 2/2007 
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