Rumanian Puzzle

In Rumania the forests receive special attention every year. Because in 2009 it is the 30th Luna pädurii. You can also see it on a third cover. By the way: on the third cover is pictured the tree Sophora japonica, a very good forage plant for bees.

aktuel38.jpg (18134 Byte)

But now the postmark. On it is illustrated a bumble bee and a honeybee. But what is the connection with Jean de la Fontaine ? On is suggested the fable "Frelons et les Mouches ä miel" from his first fable book. 

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Jean de la Fontaine wrote in a dialect, so manches ä miel are not honey flies but honeybees. Thus the right translation is "The Hornets and the Bees". But neither on the covers nor on the postmark is a hornet seen. 

So the big question remains: what is Jean de la Fontaine doing on these Rumanian items ???

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by Jan de Crom  
taken from "The Postal Bee" 1/2009 
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