Bees of Alderney
Date of issue 26.02.2009

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Value 36p: Andrena fulva. 

A tawny mining bee, which collects pollen with the whole hind leg: A so called leg collector. Because of the colour the bee is called “little fox” in the Netherlands.

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Value 43p: Bombus pratorum: the meadow bumble bee. 

Collects pollen like the honeybee in a basket on the hind leg. Looks at first sight at a small Bombus terrestris, but the meadow bumble bee has red hairs at the end of the abdomen. The nest can be found far above the ground, for example in a bird’s nest.

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Value 51p: Colletes daiesanus. 

The bee is coating the cell walls of her ground nest with saliva, that lights up silver coloured. Therefore in the Dutch language: silk bee. The bee is a leg collector. The bee flies only on tansy, so her other Dutch name is tansy bee.

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Value 54p: Nomada goodenlana. 

A cuckoo bee which parasites on Andrena nests. Looked at her outward – the wasp waist – the bee is called wasp bee in Holland.

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Value 56p: Halictus scabiosae. 

A 2-3 mm small bee, which makes her nest in the ground in a kind of colony with other Halictus bees. There is a begin of an allocation of tasks, like guarding the nest, foraging for other Halictus bees, etc. So the bee is semi social. 

The bee is a leg collector. Because of a dividing line of the hairs at the abdomen of the female bee, in Holland the bee is called groove bee.

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Value 77p: 

The well known honeybee Apis mellifera.

by Jan de Crom  
taken from "The Postal Bee" 2/2009 
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