Austria: A very special booklet

In cooperation with a newspaper (Kronen Zeitung) Austria Post has issued a booklet on 25.10.2007. The reason was the World Animal  Day (Oct. 4). Nine different Austrian animals are described on 32 pages, among them the honeybee.

The booklet counts also 3 sheets with 3 personalised stamps, value 55 cent.

marken492.jpg (264840 Byte)   marken491.jpg (367480 Byte)

marken493.jpg (319462 Byte)   marken494.jpg (293458 Byte)

marken495.jpg (348943 Byte)   marken496.jpg (335732 Byte)

marken497.jpg (274042 Byte)   marken498.jpg (309292 Byte)

by Jan de Crom  
taken from "The Postal Bee" 1/2008 
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