Austria: Personalized stamps (4)

marken532.jpg (14337 Byte)

Bees conserve nature emission 100 ex. 

No longer available

marken531.jpg (19080 Byte)
Bee above the city Beekeepersmeeting - St. Pölten. Emission 100 ex. 

No longer available

marken67.jpg (9917 Byte)
Bees country

The stamp shows a walking guide around two lakes. At the end of the red line (right) flies a bee. 

Emission: 1000 ex. 

marken68.jpg (10121 Byte)
Bee experience road Langau

The stamp shows an sketch of the church of Landau and the monument of St. John. Left below the words bee experience road. Probably a tourist road along which are apiaries.

Issued on occasion of the opening of the bees adventure road near the Bergwerk lake, Landau. 

Emission 1000 ex.

marken519.jpg (10394 Byte)
Telfer Carnival: the Hypocrite

Since 1600 people from Telfs (Tirol, Austria) celebrate carnival every 5 year. After months of preparation the great pageant of the "Schleicher" (the hypocrite) takes place in the village on Sunday. Prominent in the pageant are a group "Hypocrites" and a group "Barbarians". Both are pictured on the stamp. 

The Hypocrites wear enormeous mask, which have a weight of around 12 kgs. The mask find their themes mostly in the farmers lives; hunting or legends. The Hypocrite on the stamp wears a mask with a beehive.

Emission: 2500 ex

by Jan de Crom  
taken from "The Postal Bee"  3/2007 
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