300 years Bank of England

Lately Jo van Oss, Dritten, Holland sent me an American topical artide about banks. On one of the illustrations I thought l saw a beehive. Ted Adnams, Eynsham Witney, England has done the searching. A difficult job, because his only point of contact was the term "commemorative label".

Ted has found the label in a unspectacular booklet, issued in 1994. Reference number for the complete booklet H.B.7 and for the label 1666 L.

Inside the booklet are four stamps (value  1ST) and a label  commemorating  300 years Bank of England. The booklet wams that the label has no franking value.  But Royal Mail has printed the label so it is topically ok.

The sitting woman is Britannia, because she has a kurel twig in her right band and a lance in her left.

Behind her is a shield. Besides her right foot a beehive: symbol of savings.

by Jan de Crom  
taken from "The Postal Bee" 2/2001 
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