Chile: The apiarius bear in the bible

To commemorate the first print of the Spanish translation of the bible Chili issued, on December 3, 1969, two stamps with the same picture, but with different colours.

The stamps show an open bible. On the left page is the text "IV CENTINARIO DE LA BIBLIA EN ESPANOL - TRADICIDA POR CASIODORO DE REINA 1569 - 1969". On the right page is pictured the printer's mark of the family Apiarius, Bern/ Switzerland: a bear reaching for a log hive in a tree.

Casiodor de Reina from Sevilla was the translater of the bible. The copy made by the translater for the University of Basel, Switzerland, is telling that the bible is printed by Thomas Guarin at Basel.

marken57.jpg (28117 Byte)      marken58.jpg (26574 Byte)

Why this Apiarius printer's mark in the book ? The researcher Adolf Fluri of the Gutenberg Museum, Bern, Switzerland supposes that Samuel Apiarius (Bern, 1590) - son of the book printer Matthias Apiarius - was on the pay roll of Guarin and that he used hisfathers printer's mark. This is why this bible translation is called the bear bible.

Found in 'Schweizerischer Bienen Zeitung' 116, page 571 - 573 (1993)
Sent in by Gilbert Janssens, Sint Andries, Belgium.

by Jan de Crom  
taken from "The Postal Bee" 2/2001 
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