Beehive cancellation

Sent in by Margaret Stanchfield and by Hans Olov Anderson. Also found in "Ar Gwenan" 17, April 1988 by B. Jimenez and L. Graftrom and in a Swedish catalogue.

In 1881 and 1882 Swedish National Post Office experimented in Stockholm, Göteborg and Norrköping a new type of cancellation markers bearing, besides the town's name and the date marker, a central drawing meant to "soil" the stamps, thus preventing to use the letter again. This central part has been christened "BEEHIVE" by collectors al-thought. It has apparently no symbolic significance.

stempe185.jpg (11438 Byte)   stempe186.jpg (10835 Byte)   stempe184.jpg (10519 Byte)

Two type of markers have been in use:

  • Type I: On the right of the date, the row of 9 quasi rectangular spots is oriented towards the first "R" in Norrköping. There is also a marker (called 12) without a lower spot on the left of the date (the right marker is called 1,).
  • Type II: On the right of the date, the row of 7 diamond-shaped is oriented towards the second "R" in Norrköping.

The use of these markers was supposedly as follows:

  • type 1, from 09.09.1881 to 17.01.1882
  • type 1, from 18.11.1881 to 26.11.1882
  • type 2, from 18.11.1882 to 31.12.1882

by Jan de Crom  
taken from "The Postal Bee" 1/1999 
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