Beewax candles

Talking about beeswax it is unavoidable to mention candles. On stamp check lists or in exhibits you always find the Swedish stamp 1977 - 1,10 kr with the woman dipping candles. Or the Swedish booklet 1987 with the same theme.

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But... are they dipping in beeswax ? Or are they using paraffin or Stearin ? And ... moulding beeswax in a model gives a much better result than dipping. The only thing, you can do with the Swedish issues, is show how to make candles.

On the stamp Zimbabwe 1998 - 9,90$ you see - besides other bee products - two candles. The same is in force with Nevis 1994 -6$ bloc. My problem with these issues: the other subjects can divert the attention.

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In Germany is found a red meter with a bee in a double triangle and the text Berta Kerzen (= candles). Here you can understand the relation beeswax - candles, when you know that 'Berta' comes from Berta Wachswarenfabrik, Fulda: the wax factory of Robert Berta.

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by Jan de Crom  
taken from "The Postal Bee" 3/2000 
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