Bienenmarkt Michelstadt

As every year since 1972 tha annual slogan cancel "Bienenmarkt Michelstadt" is in order as from March 1st until the sunday after Whitsun, May 29th, this year. 

The Bee-market itself is a springtime festival with many kinds of activities; is held from May 21st until May 29th at Michelstadt. 

Some slogan cancels of Michelstadt

1972   1974   1983

1984   1986   1987

This year the Organisation commitee has issued beside the annual label a commemorative postcard with the Michelstadt-Beemarket-Song.

eng_bi28.jpg (228590 Byte)

taken from "Ar Gwenan" 
Heft 17 / April 1988 

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