Böhmen und Mahren
Bohemia and Moravia

Böhmen und Mahren are the German names for the districts Bohemia and Moravia in former Czechoslovakia, now Czechia. 

meter stamp from 1931

In 1938 Czechoslovakia had to cede Sudeten land to Germany. Soon after the cession the whole territory was partitioned.

wpe4A.jpg (23593 Byte)

Bohemia and Moravia became German protectorate. After the German defeat in May 1945 Czechoslovakk became a democratic republic. That was the end of the  protectorate "Böhmen und Mahren".

wpe49.jpg (27487 Byte)
meter stamp: "Böhmisch Mahrischer Verband für Geflügel, Eier und Honig" 

So: stamps, postmarks, etc. with the name "Böhmen und Mahren" are used for only 6 years.

by Jan de Crom  
taken from "The Postal Bee" 2/2000 
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