Bulgarian surcharge

The Dutch philatelic list mentions a beehive on this stamp from Bulgaria 1940 - 15ct.  Besides that, the list mentions a Macedonian 1944 stamp with a surcharge on this Bulgarian stamp. That suggests that Macedonia used this Bulgarian stamp for its mail traffic. That is not true. 

Since 1992 Macedonia has issued but not all surrounding countries (Greece !!!) recognizes the independence of Macedonia. So this is simply a Bulgarian surcharge "Macedonia 08.IX.1914".

specia53.jpg (36318 Byte)

In the pact of 1913 between Serbia, Bulgaria and Greece, Macedonia was partitioned. But, at the beginning of World War I in June  1914 this pact was destroyed. Possibly Bulgaria got back its part on September 8, 1914. Had Bulgaria remembered this fact 30 years later with a surcharge on a stamp ? 

I am not sure because in the Michel and the Yvert catalogues I cannot find a notation accorded to this surcharge. 

by Jan de Crom
taken from "The Postal Bee" 5/2009 
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