Canada: Place names postmarks

With the advent of regional post sorting centers in the Netherlands the place name stamp has nearly disappeared.

Looking at the Canadian place name stamps you see it's a great pity. The Canadian place name stamps have topical information in words and pictures.

You can order for these stamps. Address an envelope for yourself. Frank the envelope with Canadian stamps (available at your stamp shop; rating overseas mail: 1.45 Can $).

Put this envelope in another envelope and send it to the desired post office in Canada. The post office addresses are under the stamps.

eng_ca1.jpg (47255 Byte)   eng_ca2.jpg (44338 Byte)

Beware of the possibility, that in the meanwhile the office has changed the stamp. So maybe it will be smart to send a copy of the wished stamp with the cover.

by Jan de Crom  
taken from "The Postal Bee"  5/2005 
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