St.Mamertus chapel with hive

I got information from Liechtenstein Post (Amt für Briefmarkengestaltung) about the hive above the chapel on the stamp 1930 - 40 Rp.

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The designer has chosen in his own opinion a good symbol for Saint Mamertus. (conclusion: ask the designer. Jan) The chapel is situated near a mountain slope with lots of früh trees, vines and forest. An ideal place for honeybee. The area is known for its apiaries.

Note from Nino Masetti: in Brittany (France) the beekeepers honour a Saint Mamert from whom is supposed healing sick people which burn a model of their painfiil organs at the foot of the statue of the saint. The model is made of pure beeswax.

Is this saint the same as adored in Liechtenstein ? We ask the advice of our readers.

by Jan de Crom  
taken from "The Postal Bee" 3/2002 
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