New China stamps

The  honeybee  is  included  in  Apis Sinensis Smith  family,  Apinae, Apoidea, clistogastra and Hymenoptera. It is widely distributed. The major species of honeybees in the world are Apis Sinensis Smith and Apis mellifera, among which Apis Sinensis Smith is endemic to China.



A bee colony is composed of queen bee, worker bees and male bees. Products made by bees have special curative effects which contribute to the longevity of human beings. Bee wax is a kind of industrial material. Bee can pollinate for crops and plants, which increases the quantity and quality of the products. 

Therefore, the economic and social return is more than a hundred times than that directly brought by bees. In the meantime, it plays an important role in keeping ecological balance. China joined the International Federation for Raising Bees in 1985 and won an only gold medal for more than 40 kinds of bee products in 1989. 

The Post and Telecommunication Ministry issued this set of stamps particularly for The 34th International Conference for Keeping Bees which was held in Beijing in 1993.

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Die Welt der Bienen auf Briefmarken
The world of bees on stamps

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