A different cancel for bee or insects collectors
von Carl Spitzer

I was offers a Bee & McAllen H.P.O Trip 1 July 23, 1955 cover. I knew there was a Beeville & McAllen, Texas HPO route and when it started, Dec. 27, 1952; but not how long it was in use. Here is what I found in the US Highway Post Office Catalog published by Mobile Post Office Society in April 1987.

There was als a Houston and Beeville, Texas HPO. There were both superseded by routes that did not include Beeville.

The abbreviated name Bee for beeville was a surprise for me. I guess thias wa used for all the regular trips after the first day, Does anyone know for sure ? I know both routes used the abbr, form in July 1955. This research was done a the western Postal History Museum in Tucson, AZ, where I am one of the volunteer librarians.

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taken from "Ar Gwenan" No. 30, 7/1992

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