Privatpost Anstalt Dresden

In 1861 Dresden counted 128.000 inhabitants and 336.400 in 1895. The first private post service started in 1861. The sixth (!) one closed the door in 1908.
The third firm was "Hansa". This firm is described as the first real private post service in Dresden. Started in 1886 and ended on 31.03.1900.

In the catalogue the 'Hansa' period counts 58 pages. Too much for The Postal Bee. The first selection we make is a result of the fact, that 'Hansa' not always used a beehive on her stamps, cards, etc. .

In a second selection we pay our attention to the differences in the beehives, that are used. After these two selections we still have enough surprising stuff.

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The first item is not dated. It's a so called " Verschluss-vignet". Used for nondeliverable mail.

The catalogue shows 20 examples of those vignets. One has a high beehive with entrance.


The first "Hansa" stamps were issued in 1886. But the first stamp with beehive is a 15 pfennig stamp (not for common mail) with a red "3" surcharge from a handprint stamp. Found on a page with 18 stamps, which are surcharged in the same way. All stamps of 1887 and before were 'mobilized' because of the New Year flurry of 1888.

The real franking stamps with a beehive came in 1889: a 4 Pf stamp (brown) and a 15 Pf stamp (red). Following in 1890 a 2 Pf stamp (blue or dark blue). With the 1890 emission something went wrong. 

On the positions 151, 157 and 158 erroneously the block of the 3 Pf stamp is used. After 500 prints they discovered the mistake .

The most beautiful surcharges are from 1892. We find on one sheet surcharges in different types. Text: "3 pf Neujahr 1893".


In 1894 the bee philateüst finds a nice change on the beehive. 

The beehive has no entrance.

When on 31.03.1900 'Hansa' ended the "privatpost" sevice she tried to sell farewell covers to collectors. On these covers several stamps from the 'Hansa' period are fixed. Among them 3 beehive stamps.

letter form with lots of advertisements

1888, 1889 and 1890 imprinted stamp with pointed hive.

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Postal stationeries

There are lots of postal stationery, covers and cards. The first stationery with beehive (the same as the one on the 'Kartenbrief) is dated Nov. 1888. In January and April 1889 the printed stamps have again the round topped hive without entrance. In May 1889 the round topped hive with entrance is used.

From the last mentioned hive two types are known.

specia10.jpg (14992 Byte)

cards for special occasions

Nearly every happening in relation to the monarchy or the state was embraced to produce cards. The beehive used: round topped without entrance. The example below is dated November 23, 1891: for the marriage of Friedrich August von Sachsen with Louise von Toscana.

sammel1.jpg (17692 Byte)

pay warrant

1891 with value print. Beehive with round top without entrance.

a slip for papers and such like

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by Jan de Crom  
taken from "The Postal Bee" 1/2004 
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