Johann Dzierson
Theologian and Priest
16.01.1811 - 26.10.1906

Was dismissed from his function for 30 years, because of bis resistance against the dogma of the papal infallibity. So he had time enough for bis 500 colonies of bees.

Dzierzon discovered in 1845 the parthenogenesis. Pathenogenesis means: an egg propagates itself without fertilization.

It knows three forms:


limitation on the first development phase of the embryo;


niostly in experiments after artifices like X-ray


every egg - fertilized and unfertilized - undergoes reduction fission. The unfertilized eggs become male.

The spontaneous parthenogenesis is found for all insects. This discovery by Dzierzon was proved in 1919 by the English-man Barratt. He breed queens out of artificial inseminated drone eggs.

We can use Dzierzon in a second topical item. Re was co-founder of the "Wanderversammlung deutschsprachiger Imker": congresses for German speaking beekeepers of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxemburg and North Italy (Tirol).

by Jan de Crom  
taken from "The Postal Bee" 3/1998 
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