Beekeeping equipment

There are lots of dealers of beekeeping equipment. And lots of them are using a machine franking stamp. That is not interesting for a topical collector, because - just like the Apimondia Congresses - an enumeration of dealers is not appreciated.

Maybe the reader remembers the story about the Lüneburger Heide/Germany. In such stories it is possible to mention some dealers. 
But ... on machine franking stamps it is possible to advertise. The dealer can mention a product in which he is specialized

eng_eq22.jpg (32428 Byte)

Example one: this French dealer let you know he is selling "cire gaufree". Comb foundation is usable in items like wax for removable frames.

eng_eq21.jpg (44893 Byte)

The German dealer Ehrler shows you a sheet of "cire gaufree".

eng_eq20.jpg (28351 Byte)

A modern hive dealer Oskar Gustavsson from Sweden shows a honey extractor. That is a subject you rarely find on a postal item. 
It would seem that machine franking stamps from dealers can hold interesting topical information.

There are possibly more of these dealer franking stamps in your collection. Maybe you can make a copy of it for me, so that I can make a survey of all possibilities on these dealer red meters. Send the copies to the well known address.

These examples were found in the booklet on machine franking stamps, that was sent, in 2000, to the members on the occasion of 5 years Kontaktgroep Bijenfilatelie.

by Jan de Crom  
taken from "The Postal Bee"  3/2005 
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