USA: Fancy Cancellations
from Margaret Stanchfield and Carl Spitzer

In the 1850s, 60s and 70s postmasters from around the US hand carved fancy cancels of bees, hearts, stars, birds, shoes, etc.  After years of use the US Postal Service ruled that the postmasters could not use these privately raade cancels and they were discontinued.  They are confusing as two books by the same man have discrepencies in the designs and the towns they came from.  

The ones I have found listed are:  

eng_fa7.jpg (14481 Byte)
eng_fa8.jpg (12814 Byte)

Waterbury, Connecticut (4 different cancels);


Nev Haven, Connecticut

eng_fa18.jpg (15194 Byte)

Adrian, Michigan (2)

eng_fa9.jpg (14182 Byte)
eng_fa10.jpg (10539 Byte)

Canastota, New York (4)

eng_fa11.jpg (8306 Byte)
eng_fa12.jpg (10031 Byte)

New York, New York (4)

eng_fa13.jpg (7744 Byte)

Watertown, New York

Mount Vernon, Ohio

eng_fa14.jpg (5101 Byte)

Cincinnati, Ohio

eng_fa15.jpg (11955 Byte)

Zanesville, Ohio

eng_fa16.jpg (10243 Byte)

Elyria, Pennsylvania

eng_fa17.jpg (7180 Byte)

East Troy, Wisconsin

Terryville ?


Washington Territory (before Washington was a state of the US)

taken from "Ar Gwenan" 
Heft 20 / Januar 1989 

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