The first bee stamps worldwide

The beehive forms the central design on stamps of the Chicago and the Dupuy & Schenck (New York) "Penny Post". In the Chicago stamp the hive appears in an oval medallion, surrounded by a ribbon bearing the words, "CHICAGO" above and "PENNY POST" below, then grill work and finally lines forming a box. 


The Dupuy & Schneck stamp consists merely of the picture of a hive and lettering ("Dupuy & SCHENCK" and "PENNY POST") enclosed in a rectangular box. The former stamp is orange brown on white paper, the latter black on light grey paper. 

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Both of these stamps are very rare.

"Dupuy & Schenck" was foundet in February 1842 by Henry J. Dupuy and Jacob H. Schenck. They were mail carriers under Alexander M. Greig in the business of the then City Despatch Local Post. This post was taken over by the Governmental Postmaster at New York City on or about August, 1842, and became known as the United States City Despatch Post. Mr. Greig retired in November, 1844, and these two men were among those who signed a memorial and best wishes for his future success. The stamp was in use apparently from 1846 to 1848 inclusive."


The "Chicago Penny Post" was established in Chicago as a local Delivery Post about 1862 by Edward Cooke ; he was in that year a Newsman, residence 208 West Jackson Street ; was as- sociated with S. C. Griggs & Co., booksellers; . . ."

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Die Welt der Bienen auf Briefmarken
The world of bees on stamps

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