The frustration of a collector

This is a French telegraph message in the collection of Geraldine Forestier. Franked with a telegraph stamp 1868,1 Fr.

eng_fr10.jpg (32794 Byte)

l have also found such telegraph message. With a very special cancellation. 

«My» stamp was cancelled in Napoleonville. Beautiful: a Napoleonic stamp cancelled in Napoleonville. You cannot find the place in a modern map.

Napoleon  had indicated the place Pontivy in Breton to become a model city. He renamed the place Napoleonville. When the epoch of Napoleon I ended in 1815, the city was again named Pontivy.

However: when Napoleon III came in power, the name Napoleonville was used again. The empire of Napoleon III ended in 1879. Since that time the town is again known as Pontivy.

I found a copy of the cancellation. The dealer promised me he would bring with him the original to a next market. And there he told me "sorry, he had sold the original"...

I have kept my temper ...

by Jan de Crom  
taken from "The Postal Bee" 1/2009 
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