Germany: Private courriers 

In April 2004 there was published the "Katalog der Modernen Privatpostmarken Deutschlands" by Thomas Burger (catalogue of the modern German private stamps).

In modern Germany private courriers are active in around 80 cities. At the top is Leipzig, where 8 courriers compete for the city and rural mail.

Old names like "Merkur" or "Hansa" are no longer found. In these modern times you use English names like "Mail Express" (Oldenburg) or "City Mail" (Regensburg). And there are names which show how the courrier is doing his Job: "Pedalritter - Fahradkurier" (Leipzig » pedal knight - bycicle courrier) or "Delitzscher Fahradkurier" (Delitzsch).

There are also courriers with names which suggested more than the practice is: "OWL - Brieflogistik" (Rietberg » owl - letter logistics) or "Main Post Logistik" (Würzburg).

For the topical collector there are lots of themes available on stamps, cards, covers, vignettes, etc. For the bee philatelist I have found some items: 

   stempe196.jpg (8831 Byte)   specia315.jpg (5279 Byte)

stempe195.jpg (7319 Byte)

by Jan de Crom  
taken from "The Postal Bee" 3/2005 
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