German Rape

In the last Postal Bee was pictured, in the list of new issues, a stamp of the private Letter and Courier Service DAZ (Germany). 

Albert Truin tipped that the pictured stamp is a proof from which only 2 sheets are printed. 

There are many differences with the definitive stamp

nl_DAZ14.jpg (71692 Byte) nl_DAZ15.jpg (89567 Byte)
- Stamp 49x24 mm - Stamp 45x26 mm
- Unperforated - Waved Perforation
- Value 0,70 €; placed above the beekeeper - Value 70 et; placed above the rape field
- Hives right in front - Hives left in front (mirror print)
- Air light blue - Air light blue
- Beekeeper 10x8 mm - Beekeeper 14x11 mm
- Logo before DAZ - No logo before DAZ
- The characters of "100 year Beekeepers Association Nordhausen are different on both stamps

by Jan de Crom  
taken from "The Postal Bee" 1/2009 
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