Peter Pavel Glavar

Peter Pavel Glavar worked in Komenda as a curate from 1744 to 1751 and later on, until 1766, as a priest. As a priest, he ideally related his passionate pastoral activities, impressive spoken and written sermons, ingenious, catechesis and understanding for people's piousness to his endeavour in the fields of art, charity activities and education of simple people. Last but not least, he actively and effectively participated in wide range of economic activities. In particular, he lovingly dedicated his attention and knowledge to beekeeping. 

He kept bees in Komenda and later on in Lonšprež taking care of 200 beehives. He presented farmers and bondmen in his vicinity with bees and introduced them in sound beekeeping. This was his way of helping the under-privileged and the needy as he was a man of profound social feeling. He was a professional writer on beekeeping and is undoubtedly, next to Anton Janša, deserving of the title the father of sound beekeeping in Carniola. His book »Talks About Swarm of Bees« is of a particular importance and is kind of adaptation of »Discussions About Swarming« written by Janša. 

This is the first Slovene book and beekeeping manual that in spite of the fact that it deals with the subject scientifically, can be understood by everyday people. Owing to its comprehensiveness and the use of authentic Slovene language, it exceeds almost all written works for more than 30 years. In 1781, he established the first Beekeeping School in Lanšprež in Carniola and began to set up village beekeeping cooperatives. 

In the area of Komenda, the tradition of Peter Pavel Glavar has been continued to the best of the abilities for the many of Slovene beekeepers. In 1784 he suddenly died.

by Jan de Crom  
taken from "The Postal Bee" 3/2002 
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