Gloucester 350 years

In front of the building can be seen two flower bulbs (daffodils ?) and a beehive. Why a beehive ? Ethel Haynes tells us in "Country". And Arlene Samford sent the story to "The Postal Bee".

To celebrate its 350th birthday, Gloucester County, sponsored a unique event called Beehive Bonanza. Huge plastic beehives, each about 5 feet tall and weighing 150 pounds, were manufactured by a local boat builder.

Our county chose beehives because they symbolize the unity and cooperation that a conanunity needs to thrive. Plus, an old county seal once contained a picture of a beehive.

People were asked to submit plans on how they would decorate the beehives, and 56 of the best designs were chosen. The beehives were then decorated by artists and school groups and placed at various businesses throughout the county.

In June, all of the beehives were brought to the county courthouse for the public to view and judge for prices. The beehives will be auctioned off next February, with all proceeds going to art, educationand children's groups. It's been a fun event, and it certainly has created a buzz of excitement.

by Jan de Crom  
taken from "The Postal Bee" 1/2002 
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