The german advertisement stamps 1911 (2)
Carl Spitzer

The Scott Standars Postage Stamp Catalogue lists the German advertising labels as booklet panes with labels as minor varieties under the stamp number. The ones Shown are numbers 82 and 83.

The Michel Germany Specialized Catalog prices the booklet issues as complete unexploded booklets, individual booklet pnes and se-tenant pairs and strips from the sheets from which the panes were cut. I have not seen the booklet covers either.

Germania-Heftchenblatt 4 mit MiNr. 85 aus MH 2   
A "Germania" stamp of 1911

The 1919 5pf (green) ans 10pf (red) examples booklet panes each with five numerals and advertising label in the upper left. These were nit sold to the public or listed in the catalogue.

specia59.jpg (21411 Byte)

Those vignettes very interesting on a thematic point of view, have infortunately been rarely kept because most of them were taken off before affixing the stamp on letter.

taken from "Ar Gwenan " July 1993 

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