Hungary: The thrift stamp Hungary 1916

To understand the surcharges 1919 on the thrift stamp of Hungary 1916:

The Habsburger double monarchy Austria - Hungary fell to pieces after World War I (1914 - 1918). In Hungary the old social problems and the wishes of minorities became manifest again. The communist revolution of 1919 enlarged these contrasts.

As a result of these problems you can see on the thrift stamps, on one side surcharges of separated districts like Debrecen and on the other side surcharges of countries, which interfered in the conflicts in Hungary..

Especially Rumania which played terrible havoc. Their intervention has made a bloodbath of the communist revolution of the Hungarian Bela Kun.

After the peace pact of Trianon (1920) Hungary got slowly back some of the occupied area. The influence of the Russian communists is not innocent. 

It´s offen heard the surcharges, were a result of paper scarcity. That is not true. There were simply not enough stamps.

The thrift stamp Hungary 1916

eng_hu6.jpg (110537 Byte)

The surchages

eng_hu24.jpg (67821 Byte)

Hungary used the stamp with several characters "P" or "T" surcharges or using the word "porto" in a different way. All in black

Serbian occupation: Baranya

Stamp colours red, black and mixed. 

Var.: shoven number (see example)

Debrecen, Rumanian occupation; in blue, red or black. 

New Rumania, Transylvania - Klausenburger edition; black

New Rumania, Transylvania - Grosswardener edition; black

Also ‘Franco Fiume’ with surcharge 15 c

City-state Fiume. Was first Austrian, then Hungarian, from 28-10 till 17 – 11, 1918, Yugoslavian. Became a free state by the Treaty of Rapallo (1920). 

In 1924 the city went back to Yugoslavia and is now called Rijeka.

Czechoslovakian occupation; area in the North of Hungary; black

Serbian occupation: 

Transylvania Ada edition; black.

Serbian occupation:

Transylvania Nagzieben 1921; black

Banat Bacska 1, Rumanian occupation; red or black.

Banat Bacska 2, Rumanian occupation; black.

by Jan de Crom  
taken from "The Postal Bee"  5/2005 
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