Czech Republic: Agriculture Museum at Kacina
By Roger van Wassenhove, Kortenberg/Belgium

The Bohemian Agriculture Museum is situated in the beautiful castle of Kacina, built in the Empire style from 1802 till 1822. In one of the wings and cellar is an extensive survey of the development of agriculture in the Bohemian districts. The museum possesses a beautiful collection log hives - from the 19th Century - which on the front go splendidly with several topics. The beehives, pictured below on the booklet of Czech Republic, issued in 1999, are exhibited. 

eng_ka3.jpg (64388 Byte) 

The castle of Kacina is pictured on a Czechian postal stationary from 1999 (no. A84 from a series of 16 different cards, numbered A81/99 and A96/99).

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by Jan de Crom  
taken from "The Postal Bee"  5/2005 
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