King symbol NSWT BITY of ancient Egypt

It is taken for granted that the ancient Egypt title 'king of upper and lower Egypt' is symbolised by the plant Sedge (upper Egypt) and the honeybee (lower Egypt). For now there is a correction on a Souvenir sheet, shown in a former Postal Bee and there are two recently found souvernir sheets.

z__unb6.jpg (10120 bytes)

On this sheet there are not 4 king symbols but 6 with bee. Probably the symbols of modern Egyptian kings. The sheet was issued in 1991 on the occasion of 125 years of Egyptian stamps. Value 1 Egyptian pound.

Here the NSWT BITY symbol is found above the second cartouche. Probably the king is Ramses II. Emission 2002, post day, value 125 p.

marken65.jpg (80118 Byte)

On this souvenir sheet - again around Ramses II, I suppose I have discovered 3 king symbols. One in each column left and right above the cartouche and one in the left edge at the bottom. Issued 2001, post day, value 125 p

by Jan de Crom  
taken from "The Postal Bee" 4/2003 
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