Germany: Funny Kogel (Bienenfleiß)-Card

Never a card of honey dealer Hans Kogel and his branch name "Bienenfleiss" is published in The Postal Bee. On these cards are nice pictures of bees and honey, but they have no philatelic value.The reason we present now a card of Hans Kogel is very funny. To help his customers Hans Kogel ordered for printing a bee in a rectangle.

eng_ko10.jpg (88734 Byte)

The bee shows the user of the card exactly where he has to fix the stamp. Customer Hans Sprenger from Dortmund did not understand the hint of the helpful bee. He thought it is a stamp. He fixed the obligatory stamp "Berlin Notoffer" beside the bee and he sent the card to Hans Kogel. The postman was not amused. 

See the lilac rectangle on the adress of Hans Kogel and the blue 11.

On you can find a lot of all the different orderforms which were used for honey consumption promotion over many years by "Honighaus Hans Kogel "Bienenfleiss"

taken from "The Postal Bee" 5/2009 
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