The Design of the german "Maja"-stamp

Before a stamp is a stamp many things have to be done. The Post Administration first selects a subject. Then one or more artists are asked to make designs. All the designs must be judged before a definitive selection is made.

For the German stamp "Für die Jugend" 1998 - 110+50 Maja the bee, eight artists submitted designs.

eng_ma1.jpg (46407 Byte)   eng_ma2.jpg (24735 Byte)   eng_ma3.jpg (21749 Byte)
The winning design from Erna de Vries plus twvo other designs ofher

Is it possible to use those designs in a topical collection ? Van den Bold says YES without doubt in his "Handboek voor de Thematische Filatelie" (manual for topical philatery). «The Marking Cords (for topical philatery, ed.) mention as usable items: "materials ment for issueing or made for the preparation of an issue, like draughts, proofs, etc.".

eng_ma4.jpg (17150 Byte)   eng_ma5.jpg (19485 Byte)   eng_ma6.jpg (17994 Byte)
3 designs from Annegret Ehmke

You can explain this in two ways. When the pretered stamp is chosen for 'the issue', then only those draughts and designs are considered. However when the "issue" is part of series Child Weifare stamps or something like that, then the draughts and designs of other artists are also usable.

eng_ma7.jpg (19546 Byte)   eng_ma8.jpg (20564 Byte)   eng_ma9.jpg (15533 Byte)   eng_ma12.jpg (14548 Byte)
4 designs from Gvdrun Hansel - Geneletti

As long as it is not clear which interpretation is right, the advice is: "use the last category moderately".»

Under the subtitle "Proofs" van den Bold writes: «Proofs, made by the Post, belong without any doubt to the philatelic items. It doesn't matter if these proofs yes or no have led to a final issue. It is a dogged misunderstanding that the topical collector can not use proofs. A proof, which pictures topically the same as the corresponding stamp, will be in many cases of more importance than the common stamp.»

eng_ma13.jpg (27644 Byte)   eng_ma38.jpg (36289 Byte)      eng_ma39.jpg (30858 Byte)
3 designs from Christiane Hemmerich

The Marking Cords dictate reserve in regard to exhibiting variations. Because a long expatiation of variations can disturb the topical development. The Marking Cords especially mention this, because some ehibitors filled lots of pages with easy obtainable proofs. But it is clear that a single proof is ok. For there is no annoying interruption.

wpe2E.jpg (26613 Byte)   wpe2F.jpg (24159 Byte)   wpe30.jpg (26401 Byte)
3 designs from Professor Ernst Kösslinger.

There are not just proofs of stamps but for example, also of cards. Here too the proof is often rare. But when the definitive card is simple, it is no use to show the proof.

eng_ma17.jpg (22292 Byte)   eng_ma18.jpg (28292 Byte)
2 designs from Renate Riek - Bauer

All illustrated designs are found in the collection of Jan de Crom. The designs were accompanied by a copy of a letter of "Bundesminister für das Post- und Fernmeldewesen" (German PTT minister). It is stated that 1000 proofs were printed at Bundesdruckerei Berlin. The booklets are ment for publicity aims. So subscription is not possible.

eng_ma19.jpg (21195 Byte)   eng_ma20.jpg (21982 Byte)   eng_ma21.jpg (18253 Byte)
3 designs  from Professor Fritz-Dieter Kothacker

eng_ma22.jpg (19040 Byte)   eng_ma23.jpg (28818 Byte)   eng_ma24.jpg (21765 Byte)
3 designs front Heike Schmidt

by Jan de Crom  
taken from "The Postal Bee" 1/2003 
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