The martyrdom of a design

In The Postal Bee of March 2003 was published a story about designs. In that story the designs of 8 artists were in a equivalent compention.

Now a complete different design story from the former DDR. Written for the German stamp magazine DBZ by Peter Fischer and Alfred Peter. Sent to The Postal Bee by Herman ten Have, Meeden/Netherlands.

On May 28, 1986 the secretary of the Union for ornamentalgardens, allotment gardens and domestic animal breeding (VKSK) applied to the DDR department for Post and Telephone. The secretary reports, that the members of VKSK support a committee resolution for a stamps series. In spring 1988 will take place the 6th union day and that will be a good opportunity to embody a series in the emission plan of the Post. Suggestions for themes will be given.

eng_ma40.jpg (38395 Byte)   eng_ma1.jpg (38277 Byte)   eng_ma2.jpg (36119 Byte)

On the request an answer is sent: for these questions the ministry decides in the first quarter of 1987. Already in January 1987 the Postministry tells the Union, that she has the meaning to issue 3 stamps aboutthe themes ornamental garden, allotment garden and domestic animals. At the same time she speaks about FDC's and a postmark. The required design proposals have to be handed in before 30.01.1987.

What is happened, I don't know. But on November 10, 1988 the chairman of the Union contacts again the Post ministry. He remembers the promisses for stamps, FDC's and postmark in spring 1988.

eng_ma41.jpg (34332 Byte)   eng_ma42.jpg (33076 Byte)   eng_ma43.jpg (37566 Byte)

Unfortunately the committee for reviewing the designs did not agree. But there is apossibility for november 1989 when VKSK excists 30 years on the condition that a graphic artist adapts the designs. On telephonic inquiry VKSK discovers that the stamps are planned for 1990. A VKSK letter tells the ministry that they don't agree with this procedure.

eng_ma3.jpg (37102 Byte)   eng_ma4.jpg (36044 Byte)   eng_ma5.jpg (38601 Byte)

The letter puts the minister's back up. He writes by hand on the letter "promises are hold up". After which the committee for reviewing the designs determines two times that the designs are not 'to entire satisfiction'. Because 'the in free time busy men are not showed...'

eng_ma6.jpg (34310 Byte)     eng_ma7.jpg (37926 Byte)     eng_ma8.jpg (36733 Byte)

Therefore is recommended to make new designs. And an experienced graphic artist works at the themes. Again VKSK suggests to cater for an emission for 30 years Union. But no longer a promise is given.

eng_ma9.jpg (39260 Byte)     eng_ma10.jpg (36997 Byte)     eng_ma11.jpg (38610 Byte)

Finally the VKSK gets the advice to promote the Union by a postmark on occasion of the jubilee. 

eng_ma12.jpg (21222 Byte)

As another possibility the ministry suggests the editing of postal stationaries in card or cover form. Under own control. And before editing the ministry will see the proofs.

ddr.ht2.jpg (5881 bytes)   ddr.ht3.jpg (6104 bytes)   ddr.ht4.jpg (5645 bytes)   ddr.ht5.jpg (6250 bytes)

The end of the story

The stamps are never issued. What's resting for the philatelist is a simple series of honeybees issued on January 9. 1990. No reference to VKSK. Even on the postmark the VKSK is ignored. On the postmark is written the text "Imkerei in der DDR" (apiculture in the DDR).

eng_ma1a6.jpg (13690 Byte)

by Jan de Crom  
taken from "The Postal Bee" 2/2004 
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