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A mascot is - as my dictionary tells me - an object, person, animal that is seen as a bringer of good luck and therefore used on places and accomodations so that it calls down luck. To which I will subjoin the following remark: a mascot must have a pet name. Where I doubted about the qualification "mascot" in case of the flying bee with the machine gun from the US Navy 'Seabees', there for me it is clear in case of a new Malaysia series. 

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The Malaysian series counts five 30 sen stamps and a souvenir sheet with a 1 RM stamp. Issued on occasion of  the THOMAS UBER CUP KL 2000, a badminton tournement. The symbol is a badminton playing bee. And (my remark!) the bee has a pet name: BAMbee. So for me it is the first postal issue with a bee as a mascot.

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by Jan de Crom  
taken from "The Postal Bee" 2/2001 
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