The stamp on a maximum card is not fixed on the address side, but on the picture side. The use was probably developed in Egypt around 1900. It seems that English soldiers fixed stamps picturing a pyramid on the front of a picture card with a pyramid. It is important that picture, postmark and stamp have maximum similarity.

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On January l, 1935, the sending of such cards was forbidden pursuant to a decision by the U.P.U. Congress in 1934. (UPU is Universal Post Union). So cards, produced after this date, have no postal meaning: "journey work" topical collectors use to say.


Anyhow nowadays the cards are still produced and collected. The collectors practice the so called 'Maxima Philately'. These collectors have their own exhibition category with own rules. 

It's not necessary to say that Topical Philately is unimpressed, because there is a suspicion against these cards.

by Jan de Crom  
taken from "The Postal Bee" 4/2008 
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