Melilla surcharge stamps

An article written by Jose Liiis Iglesias for "Ar Gewan Nr. 14, July 1987". Sent in by Hans Olov Andersson.

During the 1936-39 Spanish civil war between the Republican Government - El Frente Popular - and the Nationalists led by Franco, Spain was divided into 2 zones: the Government's "zona republicana" and Franco's "zona national".

Local surcharge stamps were issued in both areas to finance the war. The uprising started in Melilla - a Spanish enelave in Morroco - and as early as 1936 this town issued stamps under pretence of fighting unemplovment. The caption "Contra el Paro, Trabajo" means "against unemployment, work".


The skep and bees are symbols of work. These stamps are rare on letters. There is a specialized catalog -GALVEZ - which lists the "SOBRETAJAS" stamps from both zones.

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by Jan de Crom  
taken from "The Postal Bee" 3/2000 
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