Millennium in a Swiss way

Teus Langerak, Woerden/Netherlands is an extremly lucky man. He has six very special Swiss stamp strips. How special, this article will tell you. But first: don't contact Teus Langerak for strips for your collection. Because the strips were made in a very low printing (see PS). Therefore the moral of this article is: See how lucky Teus was and see what you can do when the opportunity is there.

In 1999 the Swiss Post Administration was preparing for the Millennium. Swiss Post designed a rather simple stamp, value 90. On the stamp is a globe caught in the number 2000. Between two stamps Swiss Post left blank a strip with a perforation. This perforation created on the left a small space about the size of a passport photograph and to the right of the perforation a bigger space for millennium wishes or something like that. All ment for men, who wanted a personal touch when they stamped their millennium letters.

A Swiss honeybee fan had other ideas. He used the small space on the left for pictures of bees or hives. In the bigger space he placed three quotations of Albert Einstein (the physicist) and three quotations of Chateaubriand (French writer and polhician -Enlightenment period). In this way the Swiss bee fan created a jewel for bee philatelists.

eng_mi6.jpg (52333 Byte)
The bee pollinates and produces without destroying something ! The whole world admires her labour ability !
eng_mi7.jpg (50519 Byte)
Apiculture is for the man a lesson in simplicity as well as in realism.
eng_mi8.jpg (55364 Byte)
When the bee would disappear from earth's surface, men would not live more than four years.
eng_mi9.jpg (53601 Byte)
The hive is a depot, where man learns how to live: to take knowledge; better than a book.
eng_mi10.jpg (48914 Byte)
The bee pollinates the flowers whilst she is feeding herseif and she destroys nothing around her
eng_mi2.jpg (59274 Byte)
Happy the man, who - like the bee - has a hive and a little bit of honey !

Quotations: the first three from Albert Einstein; the last three from Chateaubriand.

PS: Teus Langerak has shown the Swiss strips at the contact day of the Dutch bee philatelists. After the contact day two members have inquired for the strips. Jo yan Oss got general information. Paul Buitink (new-issue Service) has asked Swiss Post. Answer: there is an order for 500 strips and we refuse to give the name of the man who ordered for it. Conclusion: a very modern issue and now already rare.

As always: every man may meet bis match, Nino Masetti is an extremly lucky man in superlative. He has not 6 but 9 strips.
eng_mi3.jpg (62032 Byte)
In the first place the effigy of Frarcois Huber, the Swiss bee scientist born in 1750 who, in spite of his blindness, spent his life in the study of bees and beekeeping
eng_mi4.jpg (61336 Byte)
Alone the bee is nothing ! She only lives as part of a group and for this group.
eng_mi5.jpg (58329 Byte)
There is honey all over the world, but eating the honey of your region assures your fruits production !

by Jan de Crom  
taken from "The Postal Bee" 2/2001 
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