Netherlands: Autocar post office

It is not usually the practice of The Postal Bee to show FDC's. For you can only use a FDC in an exhibit because of the stamp or the postmark. For two reasons this FDC is shown:

eng_ne8.jpg (96801 Byte)

  • It was always the question: is there a bee or a bumble bee on the Dutch "For the child" stamp 1950 - 2+3 ct. The question is answered in a former Postal Bee: the designer just ment a 'bee'. Left on the FDC you can see under the girl's arm a beehive. So that's an extra proof.

  • The most important reason to show the FDC is the cancellation. The stamps were cancelled in an autocar post office. And that's postal history. A very appreciated element in an exhibit. 

FDC: collection Paul Buitink, Meteren/Netherlands.

by Jan de Crom  
taken from "The Postal Bee" 5/2006 
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