Netherlands: Computer franking stamp

Since a year or two in Holland it is possible to place a franking stamp on your mail at home with your own PC. Recently I got some enveloppes with Computer postmarks. The user is a beekeeping club in Driebergen/Doorn in the middle of the Netherlands

eng_ne19.jpg (61636 Byte)

In the right bloc our national postal service TPGPost, then the date of sending; next the zip code and house number of the addresse (for the men who want to know everything: code and number are from Cees van Holland, the only full Professional beekeeper in the Netherlands); and the franking value € 0,39, Standard rate for mail under 20 gms.

In the middle is a scan bloc. The Postal Service can read here with a Scanner all data of the user. And left the private addition of the user.

stempe243.jpg (58787 Byte)

Is the Computer postmark allowed in a topical collection ? I think yes. There is a private addition, but that is not new.

by Jan de Crom  
taken from "The Postal Bee"  3/2005 
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