Paraguay: Medieval apiary

The bloc Paraguay 1968 airmail has the subject Olympic Winter Garnes Grenoble. On the bloc are two stamps. The right stamp shows the logo of the winter games

In fact the left stamp does not combine with the right one. On the left stamp is pictured a medieval winter scene at a farmyard. It is painted by the brothers van Limburg for the French Duke of Berry. 

You can find it in the book "Tres Riches Heures" (very riche houres) and it belongs to the collection of Musee Conde in Chantilly, France (time: 1411 –1416).

The entire painting is of the month of February.

In the farmyard is placed beside the tower an apiary with four willow twig hives. So again a beautiful example of Medieval beekeeping.

by Jan de Crom  
taken from "The Postal Bee" 2/2006 
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