Stamps of Pitcairn Islands

In the Postal Bee of September 1998 was an article about apiculture stimulation in under developed countries in accordance with the food programs of the F.A.O. Organisation. The targets are better products by better pollination and producing beeproducts for the local market.

In 1978 Pitcairn Island - a rock in the ocean near New Zealand - thought differently about beekeeping in an under developed area. The constant search for work for the islanders yields the idea 'beekeeping'. Intention: export. 

They started with 30 hives Italian bees. The Island is so isolated that there are no modern bee diseases.

pitcai17.jpg (11187 Byte)   pitcai21.jpg (10807 Byte)

pitcai19.jpg (11339 Byte)   pitcai20.jpg (11162 Byte)

The self adhesive hexagon stamps Pitcairn issued in 1999 were to promote the export. The wife of the Governor designed the stamps and the label for the honey jar.

by Jan de Crom  
taken from "The Postal Bee" 2/2002 
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