Precancels on bee stamps

In some countrys (Belgium, France, Monaco, Canada, USA) the postadministrations sell stamps,  which are cancelled during the printprocess. They do that in view of concerns with a very big offer of printed matters (papers, magazines, etc.). The postoffice can work up quicker now. The cancellations look like surcharges. The French name for precancels is 'preobliteies'.


Monaco 1988 (see also 1989): the four seasons of the pear. On the spring-stamp flys a Bumble bee (Bombus terrestris).

009_ap41.jpg (35092 Byte)  009_ap42.jpg (34776 Byte)
009_ap43.jpg (34103 Byte) 
voraus9.jpg (29406 Byte)

Some precancels from Barbuda:

marken69.jpg (7605 Byte)  marken72.jpg (7929 Byte)
marken71.jpg (7137 Byte)  marken70.jpg (8108 Byte)

by Jan de Crom  
taken from "The Postal Bee" 1/1998 
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