Petro Prokopovich
1775 - 1850

Prokopovich is the man who discovered what distance honey bees need between, under and above the combs

This discovery gives the beekeeper the possibility to make removable frames in a hive. It caused a revolution in beekeeping.

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How it went in traditional beekeeping ? Working with skeps:
  • to harvest honey the beekeeper has to destroy or drive away the colony. 

Working with log hives:

  • the position of the beekeeper is not very comfortable by working behind the hive
  • to harvest honey the beekeeper has to cut the comb, with this disturbing the brood nest and mostly destroying a part of the broodnest.

The discovery of Prokopovich makes it possible to work with hive parts and loose frames. Creating a honey part and a brood part in the hive. 

To remove bees on the honey comb a goose feather or a brush is used. The brood nest will not be disturbed. And working from above is much easier.

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On one of the Prokopovich FDC's is pictured how Prokopovich was teaching modern beekeeping.

by Jan de Crom  
taken from "The Postal Bee" 2/2001 
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